In his quest to save America, Perry says Obama’s EPA administrator is a problem

By on August 20, 2011
Rick Perry

Rick PerryTexas governor and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry says his message to Obama is to “set the people free” from regulations so they can get back to work. When asked about the fact that people are saying he’s Mitt Romney’s worst nightmare because of his job creation record, he replied:

I hope I’m President Obama’s worst nightmare. He’s the real problem here. It’s his policies. It’s his EPA administrator. It’s his people that he’s put in place that are strangling America with their regulations, with their debt. And Americans have had enough.

Perry is currently campaigning in Iowa, trying to convince Republicans that he will save America from its economic crisis.  His program is to cut spending and to pass a balanced budget amendment.   As for his rival Michele Bachmann, Perry says she’s “a ball of fire.”

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