Ten Cool Facts About Water You Might Not Know

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  1. Comets are mostly frozen water and in fact, might have something to do with water being on Earth. Source: NASA.
  2. There is the same amount of water on Earth as there was when the Earth was first formed. Source: USEPA.
  3. Over 68 percent of the Earths freshwater is stored inside of ice and glaciers. Source: NASA Climate Kids.
  4. Water is the only substance that is found naturally on Earth in three forms: liquid, gas, and solid. Source: AQUARION
  5. Drinking too much water can be fatal (known as water intoxication). Source: DRILCORP.
  6. Frozen water is 9% lighter than water, which explains why ice floats. Source: AquaMaster.
  7. 1.7% of the world’s water is frozen and therefore unusable. Source: Seametrics.
  8. There are an estimated 326 million trillion gallons of water on earth. Source: Seametrics.
  9. A person can live about a month without food, but only about a week without water. Source: USEPA .
  10. Water molecules are so good at sticking to each other that they can overcome the force of gravity. Source: SnowBrains .

Breiten W.

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Jamie Faulkner
Jamie Faulkner
1 year ago

This is so great and he’s only just begun. I learned things about water I didn’t know. Thanks and keeping writing and being an amazing human.

Laura Bove
Laura Bove
1 year ago

I just happened upon this. l love tid-bits of information and this was great. I have had experience with water intoxication. I had no idea I was drowning myself. This was from a medication side effect.

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