Kids’ Water Conservation Tips: Doing the Dishes

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A lot of us young people are given chores, and sometimes the messiest one is having to do the dishes.  When doing this job, what is the best way to save water?

How Much Water Is Used by Automatic Dishwashers?

Did you know that about 68% of Americans have a dishwasher in their kitchen?  Of these, about half of households use their dishwashing machines only 1-6 times a week.

A lot of people mistakenly think that their dishwasher uses up more water and energy than hand washing, which is why their dishwashers are not used.

Newer models of the dishwasher use about 3 gallons of water per cycle. Older models use up to 9-14 gallons of water.

Washing Dishes by Hand.

When you wash your dishes by hand, you will use about 13 gallons of water. A study showed that when you wash your dishes by hand, you use about 3.5 more gallons of water than your dishwasher.


In conclusion, we’re never going to get away from having to do chores.  But if we’re going to save water while doing them, using an automatic dishwasher saves a lot more water over time than washing dishes by hand.   All you have to do to get your drinking glasses, bowls, and plates clean and shiny is to just load them up and press a button.


I had to look this stuff up.  Here are my sources:

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