Faced with drought, California restricts water usage

Dripping water
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The drought is not getting any better in California.

Water use has gone up in the state, despite calls from Governor Newsom to voluntarily conserve during last summer’s drought emergency.  What that means is that mandatory conservation efforts may be imposed by cities and other providers who can fine consumers who fail to comply.

Restrictions were already imposed two months ago, when Californians were told that they can no longer water their lawns after rainstorms.  Similarly, residents who let their sprinklers run water onto the sidewalks will face $500 fines.

The rules were adopted by the State Water Resources Control Board after Governor Newsom called for a 15% reduction in water consumption.  Enforcement is left to local officials.



One thought on “Faced with drought, California restricts water usage

  1. This will be interesting to see if they can enforce this. I guess it would help conserve water and provide a new job. 🙂

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