U.S. Drought Monitor map released

U.S. Drought Monitor map of the west
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The U.S. Drought MonitorOpens in a new tab. map released on August 10 indicates that while there are areas facing abnormal dryness, the states within the Colorado River Basin are currently not undergoing the severe, extreme, and exceptional droughts they encountered the previous year.

A look at the Colorado River Basin states.

Arizona and New Mexico:

Current Conditions: Persistent suppressed Monsoon patterns contribute to the escalation of short-term droughts. Elevated temperatures have further intensified the situation, resulting in a one-category downgrade in the drought status in both states.


Current Conditions: The effects of the muted Monsoon have introduced short-term drought conditions in the southwestern region of Colorado.

Nevada, California, and Utah:

Current Conditions: As part of the broader western region, these states too are grappling with the repercussions of a subdued Monsoon and the consequent high temperatures. Specific conditions per state weren’t elaborated upon in the initial summary.


Current Conditions: Recent precipitation has been a boon, facilitating a betterment in the drought scenario in several areas within Wyoming.
Weather Forecast:

Outlook for August 15 to 19, 2023:

A large swath of the West, inclusive of many of the discussed states, is forecasted to experience heightened temperatures. This is especially true for the southern Great Plains. However, there is a glimmer of hope as there’s a mild inclination towards above-average rainfall for the northern Rockies and the northern Great Plains, potentially benefiting some of the highlighted states.


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