Milestones: A $1.08 billion boost for Tribes in Colorado River states

Bar chart showing tribal investments per Colorado River basin state
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December 6, 2023 — As year 2023 comes to a close, Native News OnlineOpens in a new tab. notes that November 6 marked the two-year anniversary of Congress’ passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law has allocated over $1 billion in the past two years to Native American tribes across seven states in the Colorado River Basin. This investment marks a significant step in addressing infrastructure and community needs in these areas.

Arizona, New Mexico and Utah Tribes Receive Most Funding.

Arizona has received a total of $387.21 million distributed among various tribes. The Gila River Indian Community and the White Mountain Apache Tribe are among the top recipients, receiving $154.92 million and $116.61 million, respectively. Other tribes, including the Ak-Chin Indian Community and the Tohono O’odham Nation, have also received substantial funds.

New Mexico has received a notable $427.35 million, with the Navajo Nation receiving the majority portion of $426 million. Utah’s allocation, predominantly for the Navajo Nation, stands at $249.54 million.

Smaller States with Targeted Investments.

California, Colorado, Nevada, and Wyoming, though receiving smaller portions, have seen targeted investments. California’s tribes, including the Yurok and Karuk Tribes, received a total of $7.69 million. Nevada’s Pyramid Lake Paiute and Summit Lake Paiute Tribes received over $8.78 million. The Southern Ute Indian Tribe in Colorado received $497,850, and the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho Tribes in Wyoming received a combined total of $1.41 million.

Impact on Communities.

This financial boost is expected to have a transformative impact on the tribes, enabling them to undertake significant infrastructure projects, enhance community services, and improve the overall quality of life. It represents a considerable investment in the future of these communities, acknowledging their unique needs and the importance of their development within the American landscape.

Specific Allocations in the Colorado River Basin States; Investments Per Tribe.

  1. Arizona
    • Ak-Chin Indian Community: $44,500,000
    • Colorado River Indian Tribes: $3,850,000
    • Gila River Indian Community: $154,919,000
    • Havasupai Tribe: $250,000
    • Hopi Tribe of Arizona: $15,366,000
    • Navajo Nation: $2,061,906
    • San Carlos Apache Tribe: $3,000,000
    • Tohono O’odham Nation: $46,662,000
    • White Mountain Apache Tribe: $116,606,000
  2. California
    • Dry Creek Rancheria Band of Pomo Indians: $594,079
    • Hoopa Valley Tribe: $525,524
    • Karuk Tribe: $951,950
    • Pala Band of Mission Indians: $582,699
    • Quartz Valley Indian Community: $657,599
    • Yurok Tribe: $4,381,899
  3. Colorado
    • Southern Ute Indian Tribe: $497,850
  4. Nevada
    • Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe: $8,292,215
    • Summit Lake Paiute Tribe: $496,038
  5. New Mexico
    • Navajo Nation: $426,000,000
    • Pueblo of San Ildefonso: $1,099,804
    • Pueblo of Santa Ana: $249,826
  6. Utah
    • Navajo Nation: $249,539,000
  7. Wyoming
    • Eastern Shoshone Tribe: $644,760
    • Northern Arapaho Tribe: $764,000

Subtotals by State

  • Arizona: $387,214,906
  • California: $7,693,750
  • Colorado: $497,850
  • Nevada: $8,788,253
  • New Mexico: $427,349,630
  • Utah: $249,539,000
  • Wyoming: $1,408,760

Total for the Seven States

  • Total: $1,082,492,149

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