EPA reports on cleanup efforts at New Mexico Superfund Sites

Map of New Mexico Superfund Sites
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December 27, 2023 — The United States Environmental Protection Agency issued its December 2023 report and locator mapOpens in a new tab. (pictured above) on clean-up efforts at various Superfund Sites in New Mexico.

Restoration in ClovisOpens in a new tab..
The 140-acre AT & SF site in Clovis, New Mexico, has seen extensive cleanup since its contamination from a nearby railyard. Cleanup efforts included sediment treatment and bioremediation, successfully concluding in 2000. A restoration project has revitalized Santa Fe Lake and surrounding areas, benefiting local wildlife and the Ogallala Aquifer beneath.

Albuquerque’s Site Revival.
The 89-acre AT & SF site in Albuquerque, formerly a wood-treating plant, underwent contamination remediation through debris removal and soil treatment. The northern part of the site was partially removed from the NPL in 2011, with ongoing groundwater treatments and regular monitoring ensuring continued safety.

Chevron Questa Mine ReclamationOpens in a new tab..
In Taos County, the Chevron Questa Mine site has transformed from a source of environmental concern to a symbol of sustainable progress. Cleanup included soil and tailing remediation and groundwater treatments. A solar facility now operates on the site, contributing renewable energy and marking a significant turnaround.

Cimarron Mining Corporation’s New Chapter.
The Cimarron site in Carrizozo, once plagued by contamination from milling operations, has been reclaimed and repurposed. Cleanup focused on soil and groundwater treatments, with portions of the site now hosting commercial ventures, showcasing a successful transition to safe, productive use.

Fruit Avenue Plume DevelopmentOpens in a new tab..
Downtown Albuquerque’s Fruit Avenue Plume site has been revitalized through groundwater treatment and collaborative redevelopment efforts. The site now hosts a green housing development, representing a model for sustainable urban living and a testament to successful environmental remediation.

Grants Chlorinated Solvents ProgressOpens in a new tab..
The Grants site, affected by dry-cleaning chemical releases, is undergoing cleanup with innovative treatments and continued monitoring. Recent funding is set to expedite the process, aiming for a safer environment and potential future site uses.

South Valley’s Transformation.
The South Valley site in Albuquerque demonstrates the possibilities of comprehensive cleanup and redevelopment. With soil and groundwater treatments, part of the site has been removed from the NPL, and recent developments include a connector road and public art, highlighting the community’s involvement and the site’s new phase.

Additional reclamation projectsOpens in a new tab. are posted at the EPA’s website.


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