Agencies finalize plan for saving Utah’s Great Salt Lake

The Great Salt Lake
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  • Utah Division of Water Resources and Bureau of Reclamation complete work plan for saving the lake.
  • The plan will assess water supply, forecast demand, and identify solutions.
  • $8.1 million in funding from federal and state sources.
  • Tools developed by the plan will be vital to the state’s broader Great Salt Lake strategy.

April 19, 2024 — The Utah Division of Water Resources and the Bureau of Reclamation have reached a significant milestone in the fight against the Great Salt Lake’s ongoing decline. The two agencies have finalized a “Work Plan for the Great Salt Lake Basin Integrated PlanOpens in a new tab.” after incorporating feedback received during a public comment period.

Why It Matters.

“The Great Salt Lake holds a profound importance for Utah,” said Candice Hasenyager, Director of the Division of Water Resources, highlighting the environmental, economic, and cultural value of the lake. The plan provides a framework to address the complex challenges endangering this unique ecosystem.

What’s in the Plan.

The effort has received $8.1 million in combined funding from the Utah Legislature and the federal Bureau of Reclamation. This funding will support a comprehensive plan that will:

  • Assess Water Supply: Evaluate the current state of surface and groundwater resources in the Great Salt Lake Basin.
  • Forecast Water Needs: Develop models to better anticipate future water demands in the region.
  • Promote Watershed Health: Explore how forest management and restoration efforts could benefit water resources.
  • Identify Best Practices: Research and evaluate strategies to optimize water supply and management.
  • Prioritize Sustainable Solutions: Analyze potential solutions, ensuring that any actions prioritize the health of the Great Salt Lake while protecting agricultural, industrial, and ecosystem needs.

The Path Forward.

The plan’s emphasis on specific, actionable tools is seen as a key strength. These tools are expected to be incorporated into the Utah’s broader Great Salt Lake Strategic Plan, according to Great Salt Lake Commissioner Brian Steed. The collaboration signals a strong commitment to addressing the lake’s water crisis and building a resilient future for this unique natural resource.

To stay updated on this project and access the finalized plan, visit in a new tab.


Great Salt Lake in Utah, USAOpens in a new tab., Brigitte Werner, 2005. Released under Universal Public Domain Dedication via Wikimedia Commons.


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April 19, 2024 7:48 pm
I’ve learned to love and value solutions. Even more, I love it when people/agencies work together for a common good. This is good and hopeful news. Yay!

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