PG&E’s plan to remove Inskip Diversion Dam reviewed by FERC

Part of Battle Creek diversion system; PG&E to remove Instep Diversion Dam
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  • Proposal to remove Inskip Diversion Dam and related infrastructure.
  • No changes to long-term operations of the hydroelectric project.
  • Environmental Assessment concludes no significant impact.
  • Public comments due June 28, 2024.

June 5, 2024 — Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has applied for an amendment to the license of the Battle Creek Hydroelectric Project No. 1121. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) staff has reviewed this application in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 and FERC’s regulations (see Federal Register noticeOpens in a new tab. published June 4, 2024).

Key Components of the Proposal.

PG&E’s proposal includes the following actions:

  • Removal of Inskip Diversion Dam and adjacent infrastructure.
  • Removal of the fish ladder.
  • Removal of approximately 30,000 to 56,000 cubic yards of sediment from behind the dam.

Environmental Assessment Findings.

FERC staff has prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) to evaluate the potential environmental effects of the proposed amendment. The assessment concludes that:

  • The proposed actions would not significantly affect the quality of the human environment.
  • Appropriate environmental protective measures will be implemented.

Project Background.

The Battle Creek Hydroelectric Project consists of five developments that divert water from the North and South Forks of Battle Creek, as well as several tributaries and springs, for power generation. This project spans Shasta and Tehama counties in California and occupies federal lands managed by the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.

Accessing the Environmental Assessment.

The EA can be viewed on the FERC website via the “elibrary” linkOpens in a new tab. by entering the docket number (P-1121). For assistance, contact FERC Online Support.

Public Participation and Comment Submission.

  • Comment Deadline: June 28, 2024
  • Electronic Filing: Use FERC’s eFiling systemOpens in a new tab. or the eComment systemOpens in a new tab. for brief comments up to 6,000 characters.
  • Paper Filing: Send submissions to Debbie-Anne Reese, Acting Secretary, at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, 888 First Street NE, Room 1A, Washington, DC 20426.

Support and Assistance.

The Commission’s Office of Public Participation (OPP) is available to help the public, including landowners, environmental justice communities, and Tribal members, engage in the process. For further assistance, contact OPP.

For more information, contact Rebecca Martin at 202-502-6012 or via email.


For detailed information, refer to the Federal RegisterOpens in a new tab. document 89 FR 47944, pages 47944-47945, under Agency/Docket Number Project No. 1121-136, Document Number 2024-12181.


Coleman Diversion Dam on South Fork Battle CreekOpens in a new tab., California State Water Resources Control Board.


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