Convert acre-feet per annum to gallons per minute and other values

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This calculator will convert acre feet per annum (AFA) into gallons per minute (gpm), cubic feet per second (cfs) or cubic feet per minute (cfm).

Values used in the calculator.

  • 1 AFA = 0.62 gpm
  • 1 AFA = 0.00138 CFS
  • 1 AFA = 0.8288 CFM

How to use the calculator.

  1. Enter the number of AFA you wish to convert in the top of the form. DO NOT USE COMMAS.
  2. Select gpm, CFS, or CFM.
  3. ¬†Click “Calculate. The converted expression will appear in the last box (conversion). If you selected CFS, the converted figure is an expression in CFS. To recalculate with a different expression (for example, gpm instead of CFS), be sure to select gpm, and click the calculate button again so that the math will reset.

If you want to test the calculator, experiment using 1 AFA. The results will match the formula above.

Total number of AFA
AFA Conversions


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