Convert gallons to acre-feet or cubic feet

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If you know how many gallons you are using, but need to express the volume in acre-feet (AF) or, in rare cases, cubic feet (CF),  just plug in the information below and you’re set.

Values used in the calculator.

  • 1 AF = 325,851 gallons
  • 1 AF = 43,560 cubic feet
  • 1 CF = 7.48 gallon

The exact number of gallons per acre-foot equals 325,851.385 gallons. Generally, most people calculate the conversion without the decimal. 325,851 is the base used in the calculator below.

How to use the calculator.

  1. Enter the number of gallons you wish to convert in the top of the form. DO NOT USE COMMAS.
  2. Select acre-feet or cubic feet.
  3. Click “Calculate. The converted expression will appear in the last box (conversion). If you selected acre-feet, the converted figure is an expression in acre-feet. To recalculate with a different expression (for example, cubic feet instead of acre-feet), be sure to select cubic feet in the drop down menu, and click the calculate button again so that the math will reset.

To test the calculator, experiment using 325851 gallons. The result will be 1 acre-foot, which will match the formula above.

Total number of gallons
Gallon conversions


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