Lake Powell water levels at a deficit

Lake Powell
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  • Current elevation: 3,567.10 feet, 132.9 feet below full pool.
  • Water content: 34.13% of full pool.
  • Total inflows for 2024: 4,308,326 acre-feet, 75.86% of average.
  • Total releases for 2024: 4,709,986 acre-feet, 62.8% of minimum required.

May 30, 2024 –– Lake Powell’s water level, reported by the Lake Powell Water DatabaseOpens in a new tab. on May 28, was 3,567.10 feet, marking a deficit of 132.9 feet below its full pool capacity. This translates to a total water content of 34.13% of the full pool.

The water inflow for the year 2024 reached 4,308,326 acre-feet, representing 75.86% of the average inflow expected by May 28th. Meanwhile, the total water released from Glen Canyon Dam in 2024 amounted to 4,709,986 acre-feet, constituting 62.8% of the minimum required release of 7,500,000 acre-feet.

This data reflects the ongoing challenges in managing water resources in the Colorado River Basin. Lake Powell, impounded by Glen Canyon DamOpens in a new tab., is crucial for water storage and distribution for various purposes, including hydropower generation, irrigation, and municipal water supply.


Lake Powell, UtahOpens in a new tab..  Bernard Spragg. NZ. Public domain dedication.


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